North Somercotes CE Primary School

‘Make your light shine so others will see the good that you do’



North Somercotes CE Primary School admits children in the Autumn Term at the beginning of the academic year prior to their fifth birthday. This gives entry to the school each September for those children born between 1st September and the 31st August of the following year, both dates being inclusive.

To apply for a school place for your child in Reception at the beginning of the next school year you will need apply online using the Lincolnshire County Council website.


If you are moving to our school from another school this is considered a "mid-year admission". These are once again processed by Lincolnshire County Council. Please use the link below to access the online form. It is always best to contact school prior to completing a mid-year admission form so that we can discuss the specific needs of your child and ensure we are the best school to meet their needs.