North Somercotes CE Primary School

‘Make your light shine so others will see the good that you do’

Christian Values

Core Christian Values


As a Church of England Primary School, we have six core Christian values which we teach, follow and celebrate. Under these core values we focus on underpinning values which change each half term.


Core Christian Values
 Core ValueUnderpinning Values

Autumn I

Autumn IIAGAPERespectFriendshipHonesty
Spring IJUSTICEEqualityInclusivenessCompassion
Spring IISERVANTHOODStewardshipIntegrityTrust
Summer IFORGIVENESSReconciliationCourageCo-Operation
Summer IIPEACEExcellenceReflectionStillness


These values are explored both in class and in Collective Worship. At the end of each term a child from each class who has been striving to follow the value will be selected as a Values Champion. This is celebrated in our Superstars Assembly. The gallery below celebrates this year's Values Champions.

Spring Term II - Integrity

Spring Term I - Inclusiveness

Autumn Term II - Friendship

Autumn Term I - Empathy

Summer Term II - Peace

Summer Term I - Co-Operation

Spring Term II - Trust