North Somercotes CE Primary School

‘Make your light shine so others will see the good that you do’

Attendance/Absence Procedures


The link between attendance and achievement is clear. It is vitally important that your child spends as much time in school as possible. In our school children who reach our attendance target achieve better than those who don’t. We use a range of strategies to support high levels of attendance.


If your child is absent from school because of an illness, we ask that you phone the school office as early as possible on each day of illness.

Top tips for good attendance


  • Establish a good morning routine;
  • Book all appointments eg: dentist, opticians, in school holidays;
  • Attend parent consultations to discuss your child’s progress;
  • Don’t keep your child off school with minor ailments;
  • Book your holiday in school holidays;
  • Be honest about your situation and talk to us